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Bericht van Samantha vr 5 mei - 21:33


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This topic is about real cool vids teaching people to surf slash fitting ppl into that awsome surfing community. Wanna join and learn? Cali is one of the best places to get started now. Got a cool location of or your own to add? Feel free to add yours here! Here's mine (one of my favs) to share. Ventura County isn't my favorite surfing spot because of the tricky waves, but still it holds one of the best. I still hope you'll be able to enjoy the watch, eventhough I'm from Malibu Goed I love to surf Zuma which 'll give you almost the same experience. So, I rather stick to familiar places, like my 'Bu' (Malibu) and Topanga, Zuma for all it matters if that PCH1 highway won't get clogged up cuz of holiday traffic again Onbegrepen , YAY! (except for 'Point Doom' (Dume) because I hate great depths like half a mile down just 1/4 mile down that coastal line). And, so what about grey suits? I just Verliefd 'm. They're like my best friends I tell ya, and they know it! Blij

Thanks for watching folks! Got many more to share with you where that came from! Hallo! :


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